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Rev. Todd Howard


5514 Pinnacle Lane
Pine Bluff, AR 71603




From my earliest remembrance I have regularly attended church.  As a junior in high school the Lord Jesus Christ, with power no less miraculous than that which raised Lazarus from the grave, moved on my dark, dead heart and I was redeemed out of a life of rebellion and hopelessness.  I give all credit for my conversion to His grace and mercy knowing that my sins deserved nothing but His wrath.  Following my conversion my life has been one story after another of His continued, sustaining power overcoming my sinful flesh.  The greatest aspect of my testimony is that I’m still fighting for the King.  The Lord renews me, forgives me, and directs me day by day to the praise of His sustaining grace.  While serving as a youth chaperone on a retreat during my freshman year of college, I experienced God’s call to full-time Christian service.  As I sought to follow God’s leading, He allowed me to gain greater responsibility in ministry.  Through various pastoral opportunities, God has broadened my understanding of ministry. In today’s world, where truth is relative, people need to know that there is a source of absolute truth upon which they can base their life here as well as the life to come.  That source is  the Bible.  God has given me the desire to help people understand the Scriptures.  It is a personal passion of mine to see others grow in their grasp and understanding of God's word and through this grow in their commitment to the only One worthy of their highest devotion. 


For better or for worse every person is a “theologian.”  They may not be a theologian in a technical sense, but they have developed some thoughts about God.  If a person is a “for worse” case, this is a serious issue.  Second Peter warns us that false beliefs about God are destructive to people and are blasphemous towards Him.  This is critical because people act from out of  their belief system.  What is so scary for the church today is the lack of impact the church is having on the surrounding culture.  In the decade of the 1980’s a revealing study was done on religion in by the Gallup organization.  Several noteworthy elements were that sixty million Americans claimed to have had a conversion experience, and a high percentage of Americans said they believed the Bible was the Word of God.  However, contained in the research was the clear evidence that Americans were woefully ignorant of the content of Scripture, the history of Christianity, and the history of Christian theology.  The truth is that even in our day many still profess to know Christ but their lifestyles betray any true knowledge of the Master.  The minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ plays a major role in developing a proper view of God and His Word among His people.  There is too much at stake to take this issue lightly, after all, the ramifications are eternal. 


I support the work of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention.  I affirm the Baptist Faith and Message and joyfully support the recent 2000 revision.  I am an inerrantist and a theological conservative, who has been encouraged by the resurgence of Bible cherishing churches in our denomination.